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Monday, August 1, 2011

What is Fair Use

Fair use provides educators with information about fair use and face-to-face exception, as well as helpful guidelines to remember fair use rules and regulations. The school recognizes that only copyrighted materials that qualify under the Fair Use Doctrine can be used. This rule grants permission to use copyrighted materials for commenting, criticizing, teaching, news reporting or participating in other activities in the area of education/scholarship. Additionally, the Fair Use Doctrine allows teachers to use copyrighted materials in the classroom for “face-to-face” instruction under district or school guidelines.

A good policy to develop would state that anytime copyrighted materials are used, staff members will include the copyright notice (copyright, year of first publication, and name of copyright holder) with all of the copyright ownership information (author, title, publisher, and place and date of publication) as given on the original work. Select this link to download the full article by Mike King on Fair Use. For more information on Fair Use or Creative Commons got to the Digital Sandbox Creative Commons.

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