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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adopting Technology NET Standards within the Common Core

Most schools or school districts who's states have reauthorized over into the Common Core are faced with moving away from traditional settings for learning in which individual subject matter skill sets has been taught in isolation.

Adopting  technology standards within the Common Core will create a curriculum that is both challenging and meaningful for 21st Century learners. The process of adopting technology into the Common Core curriculum  has several stages of development that include; (1) determining gaps within the existing, by unpacking standards (2) constructing a curriculum web to identify common core standards, (3) applying the rigorous relevance framework to determining real life themes of study through the establishment of an essential question and creating multidimensional task, (4) designing performance based assessments for real world applications and (5) developing unit maps that are tied to multiple standards

For more information on how to Adopt Technology into the Common Core read Common Core Transition.

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