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Friday, August 5, 2011

Using Technology In Performance-based Classrooms

In today's digital world where multiple task are required in student learning we must begin to teach students how to function in a dynamic organizational systems These skills involve invariable adjustments to setting priorities, performing multidimensional task, evening out workloads, adjusting timeframes, prioritizing tasks and navigating networks. All of these skills in the near future will become less teacher-directed and more student-directed. 

In the past teachers have taught organizational skills in a static system within a structured format. This delivery format took on the model of  breaking down tasks and asking students to explicitly complete very defined units of information, such as do as I do and you will learn. A typical classroom instructional practice for developing organizational skills would include, record my notes from the board, write your name on your paper directive, or complete your assignment on time. Classrooms of the future especially when moving over to the common core will require a more diverse approach to the development of organizational skills, especially when working in a digital environment. The purpose of this section of Organizational Tools is to provide resource information on the types of open software applications that are designed to help learners organize their digital learning environments. (For more information on creating organizational tools in classrooms go to Organizational Tools)

Adopting Technology into the Common Core
Methods of technology integration should specify the way the teacher plans to deliver the unit and how students will apply these tools. Questions should be answered about how“ presentations and methods or presentations” will be made, where “technology resources” are located, and what technology resources will be available when the unit is presented. There are three domain fields to choose from. These three domains are virtual resources on how technology can be adapted into the common core and integrated into authentic task. For example, one of the identified learning activities for a unit may be data gathering and synthesis. Students experiencing this unit will be required to interact with technology to obtain the information necessary to complete the assigned task. They will be asked to research information and then report their information electronically. (To interact with these three Domains go to Adopting Technology into the Common Core)

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