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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Digital Storytelling on Audio Files

One way to create audio digital stories is to use free storage from This works similar to uploading files to a Podcast and will work as an audio player. Digital Storyteller who want to create podcast of their story creations can now take advantage of an the online storage that allows for audio files to be displayed in a virtual box and access them from anywhere, even from your mobile device. The Individual free plan with 10 GB of storage space and the ability to upload files that are up to 1 GB in size. As a part of the free service you can embed your player online for others to enjoy your digital story audio cast. To demonstrate how this works I have posted a few stories that I created that are Old West Tales from Kansas to Oklahoma. For more information on how to create digital stories visit Digital Storytelling at the Digital Sandbox.

You can also reference other resource created by Mike King entitled "A Quick Guide to Digital Storytelling" on Scribd or see an interactive presentation at AuthorStream on Digital Storytelling.

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